Control your “out of control” inbox: 5 tips to be more productive

Remote working has witnessed exponential growth this year, and with it, email management took a major hit. While the pandemic bears some of the responsibility, let’s not shift the entire blame just yet. For years, managing email has been an area of struggle for leaders and teams as they seek the balance between being productiveContinue reading “Control your “out of control” inbox: 5 tips to be more productive”

Want Change? Empower Your Middle Managers

This article was also published on When thinking of leaders and leadership, most often, senior-level managers come to mind. Essentially, those who are in the public eye, leading large groups of people and making sure agendas are pushed and achieved. Top leaders come to mind for good reasons, particularly at these times of unprecedentedContinue reading “Want Change? Empower Your Middle Managers”

Self-Regulation: Nature, nurture, or self-awareness?

Self regulation is a powerful skill for leaders. It starts with a deliberate examination of our personal values, beliefs and reactions to different opinions and experiences we observe in others. Ultimately, it begins with self-awareness. Consider for a moment your inner dialogue. Bring into awareness situations where anger, shame, or guilt have impeded results. ConsiderContinue reading “Self-Regulation: Nature, nurture, or self-awareness?”

Effective Manager Onboarding

Whether new managers’ memories of their first days on the job are good or bad will be based on the quality of your onboarding program. The fact that some organizations spend little time and effort on onboarding is quite surprising. So, what makes onboarding a critical aspect of talent development? More specifically, why spend theContinue reading “Effective Manager Onboarding”

How can I manage my virtual team?

Managers can become easily frustrated with managing virtual teams. At times of disruptive change, managers who step up to the challenge become game changers in the field. There is no better time than now for managers to step up. How can you show up resilient, balanced and confident in your ability to adapt to change.Continue reading “How can I manage my virtual team?”