Research suggests that more than 70% of change initiatives fail.

The complexities of today’s ever-changing business environment demand new and innovative ways to execute on change.

We bring top expertise in managing and sustaining change to help you solve complex and ambiguous problems.

Our five-year case-study research explored why most change initiatives fail. Among other reasons, change fails to sustain due to poor planning, insufficient communication and low manager engagement in the change initiative. Failure to change can also be attributed to conflicting priorities, poor buy-in, leadership potential and mistrust in the change process.  

Change is taking place at an unpredictable pace, and managing change is considered one of the constant challenges facing organizations. Our experts offer you a research-proven methodology to plan, execute on and sustain change.

Our THRIVE program offers leaders a unique approach to managing change. Using Kotter’s eight-step change model, we work with leaders and teams to develop their ability to become top influencers and champions of change. We use a practical and a step-by-step approach to guide them to implement and sustain change.

By partnering with lower levels of management, we empower critical teams to commit to implementing and sustaining change using a research-based methodology. We empower teams to self manage and become actively engaged champions of change. As such, we help you develop and share an impeccable vision for change, effectively communicate the urgency to change, and implement proven accountability measures to help front line managers ensure change becomes integrated into day-to-day operations.