20% of your leaders get 80% of your results

Leadership coaching is globally recognized as a critical tool for organizational effectiveness.

We coach leaders to expand their emotional intelligence, their leadership style and circle of influence. We focus on their ability to accelerate operational outcomes while promoting their organization’s values. We align the coaching methodology to personal, operational and strategic initiatives, and reconnect the leader to their purpose and leadership potential.

Coaching provides leaders with the opportunity to reflect on their leadership thoughts, behaviors and results and develop a deeper understanding of his/her strengths and opportunities at the individual, team and peer-levels. Through a rigorous personal assessment tools, the leader learns to identify individual strengths and liabilities, and to optimize their value and potential to the team and the organization.

Change is the only constant in today’s market and adapting to competing, and at times, conflicting priorities can be challenging to even your best leaders and teams. We work with you leaders and teams to facilitate change and empower them to become actively engaged in implementing and sustaining change.

We approach each coaching agreement as an individualized process based on leadership development need. We design our coaching sessions with the leader in mind:

• leadership strength assessment
• Disc Workplace assessment
• Hogan Leadership assessment
• Disc team culture report
• live observation
• DiSC Conflict Assessment
• change management
• leadership competence road map
• leadership influence
• leadership presence
• effective communication skills
• emotional intelligence
• empathy and collaboration
• purpose-driven communication
• managing toxic relationships