Pareto’s rule – 20% of individuals in any collective group or organization can be expected to account for 80% of output or productivity. Knowing who your talent is and cultivating that talent is critical to your success.
Are you confident about the processes that identify your talent and your ready-now leader?
Are your leaders focused on the right talent competencies to support your long-tern strategy?
Are you satisfied with your leadership development programs?
Do you offer your leaders the opportunity to grow through coaching?
We partner with you to take your leadership potential to the next level. Through coaching and  customized training solutions, we invite leaders to actively engage in real experiences where they get to engage in dialogue, network, share best practices and safely acquire new approaches to solve real business problems.
Effective leadership behaviors come from real-life learning. Our programs allow your talent to  transform business initiatives and cultivate their leadership potential. We assist leaders in developing performance tools and metrics that assess their talent, as well as identify the strengths and attributes of their teams.
Develop leaders that are capable of driving your business strategy and resolving real-time problems. Helping leaders reflect on their styles and attributes for success can result in 45-50% improvement of on-the-job performance. We design solutions that nourish future capabilities of your leaders.
Our experiential-based leadership programs include:

• real-life case-study discussions
• stretch assignments
• process mapping
• just-in-time problem solving
• purpose-driven activities
• competence acceleration tools
• talent engagement action plans
• DiSC personality style assessment
• Lominger leadership 360 assessment
• ready-now assessment tools
• team coaching and mentoring