Leadership depth

20% of individuals in any collective group can be expected to account for 80% of output.

Knowing who your talent is and cultivating that talent is critical to your success.

Are you confident that your leaders are capable of executing on your long-term strategy?

Are your talent systems designed to develop the next generation of leaders?

Are you satisfied with the quality and depth of your leadership development programs?

We partner with you to take your leadership potential to the next level. Our integrative solutions are designed to foster a balanced mindset for managing people and process.

Managers build holistic capabilities. They engage in creative idea circles, analyze the customer experience from a variety of angles, and solve urgent work problems. They experience a paradigm shift from an uncompromising to holistic thinking.

Participants leave with a personalized toolkit that they immediately put to use, supported with accountability partners, group coaching and case-specific consulting.

Our leadership programs include:

• weekly stretch assignments
• time-specific process and talent solutions
• team-driven discussions
• performance acceleration tools
• talent engagement action plans
• personality style and culture assessments
• personalized manager toolkit
• accountability partner
• group coaching

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