Are your employees willing and able to manage interactions with care?
As the patient and family experience continues to emerge as an important focus area across healthcare organizations globally, the need for a standard and consistent definition of the patient & family experience becomes even more prominent, making it critical to ensure that the patient & family experience remains sustainable, consistent, and integrated into patient & family care model.
Communicate with care © part 1 is our patient & family service excellence trademark program that provides leaders and teams with the ABC’s of first time impressions, communicating with empathy, addressing the needs, wants and anxieties facing the patients and family, identifying triggers and recovery tools, as well instilling core patient-centered processes to promote advocacy and loyalty. Training centers around creating optimal experiences for patients & families, dealing with challenging confrontations, and fostering an environment of empathy in service and care delivery.
Communicate with care© part 2 offers employees a deeper dive into the world, language and challenges of patients with different abilities. Communicate with care© is a unique program which provides leaders, teams and individual contributors with specific awareness tools to master the art of sensitivity when dealing with patients with different abilities.
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