Image- Dr. Loubna Noureddin

Dr. Loubna Noureddin, Ed.D., is a leadership scholar, orphans advocate, civil war survivor, and co-founder of Mind Market Consulting, a resource and coaching center for organizations and startups prioritizing cultures of brilliance over regimes of unnecessary change and chaos.

Because the psychology of human wellbeing is a subject only the shortsighted ignore. And leaders cannot find their power, foster ingenuity, or sustain growth in hectic environments where their people spend valuable energy merely surviving the day.

Change is inevitable. And whether you created the consequences of change or inherited them, there’s a stark difference between leaders willing to address their challenges vs. those living in denial that they exist. Loubna’s work attests that thorough investigation reveals thorough, yet simple solutions. And that by embracing the talents within and around you, Potential will show its face.

What people say

Dr D Leblanc
Baptist Health System

Loubna, where do I begin? I used to struggle with self awareness, emotional fatigue and a limited growth mindset. I am much more aware of my shadow. I now communicate my thoughts and feelings clearly and confidently. I ask for feedback without hesitation, and most importantly I am more confident in my voice. I have a voice and I can be a motivator, leader, driver. Everything is connected and the only way out is through. Thank you!

Ron Williams

Loubna, thank you for helping us maneuver through some very difficult discussions. I believe airing out all of the team’s concern regarding alignment and who does what in front of the whole team was beneficial to all.  It was important to have that discussion and you helped facilitate it in a non-threatening and professional manner. You are by far the best facilitator our team had in the last eight years.

Dr. H. Snapp
Medical Chief, UMH

Working with Dr. Noureddin helped me to identify key areas for leadership and personal development. She helped me to think critically about my role as a leader, and how it differed from other roles I play in my life. She helped me to recognize opportunities for improvement, and provided me with tools to make effective changes in driving results in my team.

Melissa Hill
Director, Netflix

My overall mood on a daily basis has changed. I feel more confident in my role. I feel much better about the decisions I am making. I still have setbacks and I am more equipped to get through challenges without becoming overwhelmed. My restored enthusiasm and commitment are contagious and my team is improving because of it.

DR. H. Fidora
EVP, Novartis

Loubna is simply top notch. The discovery sessions exceeded my expectations. I hired Loubna to help me resolve one major challenge and she has been such a strong force in my team’s transition. This is engagement at its best.

J. G. Barosso
COO, NY Health System

The team sessions were fantastic. I saw results from the very first coaching session. My managers’ awareness of their impact on others was immediate. My team learned about their styles and how to communicate with each other to get better results.

N. Black
VP Of Operations, Sofitel

Loubna has coached me through my development from a bedside clinical supervisor to Administrative Director within one year. She has been an essential partner in my success story. My results for the past 5 years is her testimony.

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