Team Coaching

Only one in five teams are considered high performing

High performing organizations invest in developing high potential teams

A highly effective team is made up of committed people who strive toward one common purpose, goal or outcome. The diversity in the team is considered a strength, and the difference in perspective contributes to a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.”

The Wisdom of Teams Creating highly effective organizations.

The future of organizations does not depend on one superstar. It depends on a high performing team thriving in a healthy culture. We work with teams to foster a more synergetic mindset.

We believe that sustaining new behaviors and practices requires both training and coaching. Through training, we introduce the why and how of high performing teams, followed by the opportunity for teams to experience the learning, apply new behaviors and reflect on their experiences in a non-punitive space.

We explore current versus desired state and possible team behaviors getting in the way of results. We get to the root cause by analyzing thoughts, beliefs and experiences getting in the way of a synergetic mindset.

Mind Market worked with our leaders and key contributors to quickly identify road blocks and fundamental team tendencies. Then, they designed a customized and timely solution to meet the needs of a highly diverse and geographically dispersed team.

Marta E. Wittens, Director of Operations, Sofitel.